Bank Accounts Designed For
International Check Cashing
& Cross-Border Wire Transfers

Monetize offers businesses operating outside of the United States a reliable banking option designed to support check cashing and cross-border wire transfers.

The Perfect Banking

As a business providing international check cashing and wire transfer services, finding a reliable banking partner can be difficult. Monetize gives you the freedom to do business around the globe.

Monetize allows our customers to have a direct relationship with a US-based financial institution that is a member bank of the United States Federal Reserve. The relationship allows your business the ability to both execute and settle transactions in a timely manner.

Reliable Banking Relationship
Secure Transactions
Expedient Settlement

Account Setup Is Simple.

Five Simple Steps

The Interview

Preliminary Bank Review

Application Approval Process

Hardware Shipment & Setup

Ongoing Monitoring & Administration

Who Can Apply?

Money Service Businesses

Non-Banked Financial Services Companies

International Banks

Import / Export Companies

Frequently Asked Questions

How long does the setup process take?

It could take as much as 90-120 days to complete the process after the complete application has been submitted.

Is there special hardware or software required?

Hardware is required to do business with a Monetize account, and is available upon request.

What countries are eligible to participate?

All non-sanctioned countries, in good-standing with the United States, are eligible to apply.

Is there a fee to apply?

In some cases. All fees will be disclosed in advance, prior to the application process.  A fee could be assessed based on the complexity of the applicant’s business model.

Does the bank provide services to cryptocurrency businesses?

Not at this time.

Is the relationship direct?

Yes.  Each Monetize client has a direct relationship with the financial institution.  The accounts are titled in the business entity’s name and are exclusive for the entity’s activity.

What types of businesses are accepted?

Money Services Businesses, Casa de Cambios, Currency Exchange Companies, Non-bank Limited Financial Services Companies, Import-Export Companies, Payroll and Consumer Lenders, International Banks, and Money Transmitters.

What are the types of services the bank offers?

The bank offers International Business Operating Accounts, Settlement Accounts, Wire Transfers, ACH origination and settlements.

What are the fees?

Each customer is provided a customized proposal by the bank with all feed disclosed in advance.  Fees are assessed based on gross deposit volume and frequency of transaction activity.

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